Rails Girls is an international organisation that teaches students the basics of web application design and implementation using Ruby on Rails. Started in Finland, Rails Girls has grown into a global, non-profit volunteer community.

For many women interested in technology, entering and remaining in the heavily male-dominated tech industry can be intimidating. This means that the industry misses out on a wealth of talented and passionate people.

Rails Girls Auckland runs free 2-day workshops for enthusiastic people who identify as women or girls. We aim to give them a great experience building their first web app and introduce them to a supportive community. The workshops are all hands-on, with no podium talks or panel discussions.

As a volunteer organisation, we rely heavily on both sponsorship from industry partners, and time from wonderful coaches.

The first Auckland event is on the 4th-5th July 2014. You can read more here.

If you’d like to help us by coaching, volunteering, or sponsoring Rails Girls, email us at railsgirlsauckland@gmail.com

We’re also on Twitter.

Rails Girls Auckland is run by: